Following are comments about Santa Barbara workshops.
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I highly recommend Nick Woolf's workshops. I learned more in two days than in months of tinkering on my own. Nick does a masterful job of blending didactic instruction with one-on-one coaching.
Kimberly Jinnett, Ph.D.
Senior Evaluation Officer, Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds
Nick Woolf is the best instructor I have had for learning a software application....Nick's highly interactive teaching style significantly increased my success...I returned to work with renewed insight and ideas about where my research was leading. Nick presented a remarkably effective class for both new and experienced researchers.
Mary F. Annese, MPA
Research Specialist, The Casey Family Program
I learned more in two days at the workshop than in two years of trying to learn Atlas! Nick is a thoughtful instructor who was able to balance the needs of beginners with more advanced users...
Garnet Grosjean, Ph.D.
Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education & Training
The University of British Columbia
I entered Nick Woolf's ATLAS training as a complete novice, so I got a bit nervous when the two other attendees introduced themselves as moderately experienced users. I thought I'd be left in the dust while they galloped ahead. By the end of the first day, however, I realized that Nick was uniquely talented in meeting the varying needs of his clients. I left the two-day training delighted at the level of comfort I felt in using ATLAS software and excited by the new ideas I had acquired about qualitative data analysis in general. Nick offered valuable suggestions specific to our project about how we might best code and analyze our data. His sincere interest and desire to help us successfully avoid or resolve analytic stumbling blocks was an unexpected bonus.
Jana Kay Slater, Ph.D., Social Science Research and Program Evaluation, Davis, CA

Let me say, on a scale of 1 to 5, you rated a 5 plus. Everyone was pleased with the workshop. Several told me that they couldn't stay for the second day, they couldn't imagine what could possibly be taught for two days. As you could see, everyone returned for the second day.

Darlene Lewis, Vice-President, Chief Human Resource Officer, University of Chicago Hospitals
Nick Woolf provides a comprehensive, clear, and concise overview of Atlas and concepts of qualitative data analysis in a remarkably short amount of time. Within a day and a half, I went from never having even opened Atlas to an easy understanding of its layout, functions, and capabilities. Nick's assuring teaching style and wit made the course a joy, and his personal attention along with the intimate class size let us learn at our own pace. It was a thorough introduction from someone with thorough knowledge of the program's mechanics, history, and the research community surrounding Atlas. I look forward to working with Nick again.
Peter Mendel, Ph.D., Associate Behavioral Scientist, RAND
Nick's teaching style combines technical detail with simple, easy to follow demonstrations. For me it has been the most useful and applicable software training I have ever had.
Violina Rindova
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization, R.H.G. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland.
As a novice in using Atlas, I attended the 2-day Atlas workshop and found it to be extremely helpful in facilitating my work. The approach was excellent. After providing an overview of the program that answered so many of the "fuzzy" questions that I had in the beginning, Mr. Woolf used some of my study information to illustrate applications of the program. The individualization of the teaching approach was a real asset. Without this, I am quite sure that my project would not have moved along at the same rate!
Gail C. Davis, RN, Ed.D., Professor of Nursing, Texas Woman's University
The workshop was both an outstanding introduction to Atlas and an opportunity to explore different approaches to qualitative analysis. The small size of the group allowed ample time for discussions about individual projects. Nick Woolf is an outstanding teacher who kept us all engaged and excited to learn throughout the two days. I highly recommend this workshop!
Kathleen Curry Sparks, M.A., Research Associate for the School and Community Health Research, WestEd, Berkeley, California
I spent two years learning and using Atlas.ti on my own, but I knew I was not fully utilizing the benefits that this wonderful program offers. Nick's workshop was enlightening and informative, even fun! I now understand the program and I was inspired to go back into my work with new energy and a deeper appreciation for this amazing tool.
Professor Sally Raskof, Dept. of Sociology, University of Southern California
Nick's workshop is invaluable. He is well versed in qualitative research methods and tailors the workshops to your individual needs and interests...Take the workshop or else you'll never know what you're missing.
Derrick Chau, Center on Educational Governance, School of Education, University of Southern California
I attended (a different) introductory training on Atlas, and then Nick's training. I have to say that I would recommend skipping (the other) training and just attending Nick's. Nick provides an excellent theoretical overview of the Atlas product as well as in-depth, customized training in how Atlas can best meet your needs. I feel that immersing yourself in Atlas for 3 days, while working on your own data, is the best way to become familiar with all of the options Atlas has available. Since the training I have used Atlas for countless studies, and even given presentations on Atlas to various local research groups.
Corinna Roy, Wilder Research Center, Minneapolis

Following are comments about on-site workshops.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us! EVERYONE was totally pleased with what they learned. Adjectives like superb, excellent, thorough seem to be abounding. By the way, (a professor) who can be quite critical really thought you were an outstanding trainer. Trust me, that is quite the compliment!
Susan Dreisbach, Health and Behavioral Sciences Program, University of Colorado at Denver
Thank you, you did a wonderful job, clearly reflected in the workshop evaluations. I appreciate your ability to handle our diverse questions while at the same time keep us focused. Your knowledge of the qualitative research process was an important factor in making the training a successful educational experience.Thanks again.
Elizabeth Tracy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

Thank you once again for a fabulous workshop. You
planted many seeds  that will be nurtured and fed with practice - I look forward to a quantum leap in proficiency after these 2 days.
Helene Starks, PhD MPH, Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Department of Medical History & Ethics
I just wanted to thank you for what was one of the most beneficial workshops Ive attended in many years. I so appreciate your ability to integrate an overview of the technical aspects of a software program within the broader (yet specific) context of research design and a particular research program. I know everyone got a lot out of the workshop although different things, depending on their familiarity and comfort level with qualitative methods, CAQDAS software, etc. Some learned more about ways to analyze qualitative data while others were able, for the first time, to really understand some of the fundamental differences between qualitative and quantitative analysis. But we all agree that it was money well spent to have you spend a couple of days with us! Thank you.
Susan C. Harris, Ph.D., Director of Academic Development, Joint Educational Project, University of Southern California

Thanks again for a great session! I really can't imagine how we could have proceeded without this kind of in depth training. Now on to the real work...
Jennifer Sweeney, MSLS, PhD, School of Education, University of California, Davis
Nick Woolf's two day Atlas.ti workshop for the Violence Institute at UMDNJ was extraordinarily useful, enlightening, and went well beyond typical software training in several ways. First, he introduced Atlas.ti's multiple capabilities in such a way as to enable users to navigate and use it from nearly the start. His approach was almost entirely hands-on. Second, Nick's manual was and continues to be a useful tool for training analysts. Third, he tailored the instructional material to and fully engaged a wide range of participants with a variety of analytical orientations; some of us novices to qualitative data analysis and some experienced. Last of all, he accomplished all of this with great good humor and calm! A year later, all of the participants are still using Atlas.ti for our research - and many of us have oriented the analysts we have hired that don't know Atlas.ti with his materials. If you need to get a handle on this wonderful software for your analytical needs, we highly recommend Nick Woolf's workshop.
Lesley Hirsch, Project Director, Violence Institute of New Jersey at UMDNJ

Thank you very much for being such a great and committed trainer on behalf of the UC Berkeley DrPH group. We learned a great deal from the two day workshop and feel really lucky to have you as the ATLAS.ti trainer. You were very sensitive to our individual needs and you made sure to clarify our questions in a very engaging way. Others in the group have the same feeling that the training was great, and we think it will be a good idea to set up ATLAS.ti trainings regularly and we would love to have you back.
Nuriye Sahin-Hodoglugil, MD, MPH, University of California, Berkeley
Nick customized the class to meet the diverse needs, interests, and expertise of the participants. He not only offered an excellent introduction to the software, but also supplied many valuable tips, techniques, and short cuts. Nick's flexible presentation style and in-depth knowledge of ATLAS.ti created a stimulating and engaging classroom environment.
Marilyn Carter, Ph.D., Department of Sociology, University of Oregon
Nick's clear, concise, friendly instruction carried us to the point where on the second day we were beginning to analyze our own data. As a direct result of Nick's workshop 20 faculty and students became so enthusiastic about ATLAS.ti that they purchased the program. This workshop was an excellent way to encourage use of computers for textual data analysis.
Vivian Hajnal, Associate Dean, College of Education University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
I found Nick's workshop extremely valuable. I had attempted to learn Atlas on my own but wasn't making much progress. His casual style made learning Atlas a lot of fun. I left the workshop feeling confident and I have had few problems navigating around the program. I highly recommend the workshop and strongly suggest that anyone serious about qualitative analysis utilize Atlas software.
Jennifer A. Hess, DC, MPH, The University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center

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