We assist qualitative research projects

We have served as project manager, principal data analyst, and research consultant, for regional, national, and international qualitative and evaluation studies in diverse areas of the human sciences. Details and references are available on request.

We assist both individual researchers and research teams. Using ATLAS.ti for collaborative data analysis is rewarding if the procedures are well-designed, but problematic if approached in the same manner as lone research. We are experienced in consulting to collaborative analysis projects.

Project consultation may be on a fixed cost basis, or at an hourly rate of $180 per hour (academic/govt/non-profit) or $250 per hour (corporate). Reduced rates would apply for larger projects in excess of 100 hours.

Nick Woolf acted as a consultant to a major study on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Legal System of the State of Utah... Nick's analyses were instrumental in drawing conclusions and allowing us to make constructive recommendations... his timeliness, responsiveness, and research excellence made it a true pleasure to work with him.

Jennifer M. J. Yim, Director, Utah Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Legal System

Russ VanFleet, Faculty at the School of Social Work, University of Utah

Nick played a critical role in the completion of our study. We faced mountains of transcripts, and little knowledge of how to approach these data in a rigorous manner. Fortunately for us, Nick served as our analytical consultant. Based on a quick and thorough study of our research aims, he devised and executed the analytic plan for our project. His facility with Atlas.ti and broad knowledge of the theoretical foundations of qualitative analysis complemented our team's substantive expertise. I was again and again impressed with his total engagement in the project and his willingness to work through small and big points alike to their complete resolution. His efforts and commitment to our study went above and beyond my view of the typical 'consultant' role. He fulfilled the role of co-investigator, and helped us make the most of the data that we had. On top of all of this, Nick was simply a pleasure to work with: personable, efficient, and direct.

Marguerite E. Burns, MA, Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, University of Wisconsin Medical School

Nick Woolf’s consultation on our study has proven invaluable. Our research team comprises diverse backgrounds, levels of experience, and degrees of effort. Nick assisted us in formulating the most suitable and efficient approach to conceptualizing and managing our analyses. His flexible availability affords us the opportunity to utilize his ongoing services in a variety of ways as our needs change. His enthusiasm, acumen, expertise with qualitative research and group dynamics, and his amiable disposition make working with Nick a genuine pleasure.

Betty Davies, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, Chair, Department of Health Care Nursing, University of California San Francisco
Judith Larson, Ph.D., Research Associate, University of California San Francisco
Nancy Contro, LCSW, Coordinator of Research and Education, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford

The most valuable part of Nick's consulting was that he was able to talk us through our overall research design so that we could see more clearly what we were really aiming to achieve, and from there move into a discussion of how Atlas could be used to work toward that type of analysis. In other words, it wasn't just his techniques and skills in working with Atlas, but the way he combined qualitative research design skills with software training. Even though we were fairly well along in our coding and examining our research questions from different angles, he was able within a day to help us get to a second level of analysis that was most valuable to our research project.

Robin Ann Martin, Ph.D., Holistic Education, Inc., Portland, Oregon

Nick was available to us week in and week out, swiftly returning our phone calls and walking us through the knottiest of problems, sometimes created by our lack of knowledge, sometimes by the complexity of our project. Whichever it was, he was our collaborator and encourager–and knew the answers and explained them in ways we could understand.

Diana Garland, Ph.D.
Chair, School of Social Work
Director, Center for Family and Community Ministries
Baylor University

Nick not only explained the mechanics of Atlas.ti exceptionally well but he also helped our team devise strategies for using this tool to conduct our qualitative research. He was responsive to our requests for follow-up assistance, including sharing notes and examples from his own research to help us better understand specific topics.

Rob Rogers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Social Work
Baylor University

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