Online coaching and training through web conference, telephone, and email

We offer online project-based training, and also offer follow-up online coaching if you have already attended a Woolf Consulting workshop

This training allows you to efficiently learn what is needed to accomplish a particular project using Atlas.ti.

Learning to operate the software is necessary but not sufficient for using Atlas.ti effectively. Our emphasis is to integrate technical help with assistance in designing your analysis to best harness the power of ATLAS.ti.
Sometimes the need is:

  • a web conference, in which you see our ATLAS.ti screen in your browser or we see yours, and we are able to mark up what we are explaining for you to see – not very different from being in the room together.
  • a short email, to answer a specific question.
  • a telephone call, when the issue is less clear.

The academic/govt/non-profit rate for online training is $180 per hour for individual researchers and $360 per hour for groups. The corporate rate is $250 per hour for individual researchers and $500 per hour for groups.

After initial training in ATLAS.ti at a Woolf Consulting workshop, many people take advantage of "just-in-time" coaching as their projects progress.

Typical needs are:

  • to review ATLAS.ti tools not used for some time.
  • to reacquaint you with advanced features of the program that you are only now ready to use.
  • to review a project together to see how the next steps may be implemented in ATLAS.ti.
  • for teams, to design teamworking procedures that make most sense in the light of ATLAS.ti's project merging tools.

The academic/govt/non-profit rate for online training is $180 per hour for individual researchers and $360 per hour for groups. The corporate rate is $250 per hour for individual researchers and $500 per hour for groups.

Nick’s excellent help was invaluable. The web conferencing was very easy and made everything so clear. It was like having Nick and his technical and analytical expertise with ATLAS.ti right there in the room with me. I highly recommend his consultative skills to anyone using this software.  

Ginny Luftman, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Kentucky

Nick’s consultation not only provided effective guidance on ATLAS.ti data management to a multi-nation research team, it also allowed the team to penetrate more deeply into qualitative findings to examine meaningful relationships. His availability, scholarly research expertise, and technological capability to conduct distance-consultation were incredibly valuable – we considered him an essential component of the research team. 

Anita Ho, Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia, Canada
Carol Pavlish, Ph.D. in Nursing at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Research consultants with the American Refugee Committee, International

Nick's online coaching was personalized, targeted and exactly what I needed to move my analysis forward!  I was a bit trepidacious about the online aspect, but found the actual process to be very much hands-on, through online technology which enabled Nick to view my computer screen and data in real time while we talked on the phone.  I highly recommend online coaching with Nick for anyone in need of assistance with ATLAS.ti or help developing an analytic strategy. 

Janet Hoy, Ph.D. Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

Once I got home from the workshop I needed extra help, especially in the approach to organizing the data analysis. Dr. Woolf came to my rescue. He was able to see what was going on by looking at my computer screen, and he assisted me in brainstorming ways that I could best utilize Atlas.ti. Because of his expertise as a qualitative methodologist and software specialist, I was able to successfully finish my data analysis and proceed with writing up my dissertation. Thanks, Dr. Woolf!

Hayes Chamoun, Ph.D. nursing student, Barry University.

I emailed Nick my ATLAS.ti files, including a chart that demonstrated the results for my dissertation. He suggested an alternative method of data analysis. When I had difficulties with the operation of ATLAS.ti, Nick walked me through that too. Consequently, I have six new charts, two new theories, and a research method which I intend to use on my next project.

Billy Kidd,Ph.D. student in clinical psychology, Walden University

I highly admire Nick’s professionalism and his ethics. He was extremely responsive to my needs and his guidance was invaluable.  Nick allowed me to have complete autonomy of my work but his feedback could not have been more on point.

Jay Colker, Chief Learning Officer, ShoreBank Corporation, Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix

I found myself, on a tight schedule, in need of help with developing an approach for data analysis using ATLAS for my thesis research.  Working with Nick was a fine experience.  He was easy to communicate with – even at distance – and understood the needs of my research.  Nick served as a fine, approachable teacher.  I feel much more comfortable using ATLAS through his support.

James R Freeman, DO, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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